26 May 2019

Not A You Situation

Something that rankles about the entire "our bodies, our choice" line of thinking is it takes two to tango.

Once you're having sex the decisions are we and our decisions not my decisions.

Pregnancy is always a possible outcome to doing the deed.

At present the deck is stacked against men, regardless of what the feminist propaganda says.

Sex between two consenting adults with no intention of anything more than the pleasure of the act have sex.

This will be the last choice the man gets to make without the woman's consent.

If the sex results in an unplanned pregnancy gives men what rights and powers?


The woman, alone, decides if the fetus will be aborted.

The woman, alone, decides if a child will be born.

The woman, alone, can decide if the father will be part of the child's life; despite the fact that she can also force him to financially support the child.

One side having all the power is a bad situation.

I would not support a reversal of the rights.

We need, as a culture, wake up about sex and what it can lead to and have a solid plan about "what if".

That's going to mean educating children when they reach sexual maturity even if they're years from legal adulthood.  Biology does not give a fuck about legal lines in the sand concerning age.  Biology demands that we do our damnedest to get our freak on and make babies, even if our brains don't really want the results.

Giving our brains the tools they need to avoid making a baby before they're ready to have a baby is a far better loss of innocence than discovering you're going to be a parent because nobody taught you how to avoid it.

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  1. The woman, alone, can decide to screw up a guy's life by ever-increasing levels of 'child support' rather than accepting responsibility for her actions.

    (No, I am not against child support, but I am against child support used as a weapon by a vindictive female intact dog and her flying monkeys in the (in)justice system.)

    It is either one way or another. Can't have only positive outcomes no matter what.

    And there are cases of pro-abortion pregnant females being hit or beaten or shot, thus causing a miscarriage, and the hitter/beater/shooter being charged with murder. Either it is or it isn't. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander, after all, right?


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