11 May 2019

Cry Me A River

Fees for owning an electric car are climbing.

Tough shit, Smughole!

Your car doesn't pay at the pump to support the roads it's using.

Even worse, the low rolling resistance tires at 45 psi are harder on the roads than normal tires running 30 psi.

You're causing more wear and tear and paying less for it.

It's only fair that you pay more off the pump than I do to make up for the impact you're making.


  1. And the 'break even' on those extra bucks they paid for it is 10 years... LOL

  2. I think that's why there's a nationwide movement to start highway taxes based on the mileage on the odometer instead of the volume of gasoline bought. It's called a VMT tax, Vehicle Miles Traveled tax. It's the only way to tax pure electric vehicles that never visit a gas station.

  3. Might be cheaper for me basing it on the weight of the car with the miles driven than on gallons consumed.

    Pick-ups would be fucked.

  4. they should also pay a surcharge for slowing down traffic on hilly roads...i was told several years ago those battery cells had to be replaced after a while at about 3 thousand bucks. is that still true?..i love the idea of them, but the tech just isn't there yet, and the "green" part is bogus between lithium waste and manufacturing footprint. i don't like the mileage tax, just seems too big brother to me. when i was a cop i had to do weight enforcement duty periodically. the ruts semi trucks cut in the road on a hot summer day convinced me who's damaging the roads.

  5. ISTR that methane-burners have to pay extra because methane isn't subject to the same taxes as gasoline.


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