06 May 2019

Maybe Running It Helped

The first full tank of gas I put through The Biscayne since I resurrected her got a mere 12.37 mpg.

Considering that 1995 Impala SS drivetrain that's in it should get 15 city and 23 highway (18 combined) it was clearly not getting the designed economy.

The most recent tank actually pulled an 18.51 mpg with mixed driving.

Right on the ball!  Better than the ball, really because I'm running 275-40R17 tires instead of the taller 255-50R17 tires an Impala is supposed to have.

The most recent tank also got a can of Sea Foam run through it.  The worst that Sea Foam has ever done me is to have no noticeable effect.  Best case was with the Civic and curing badly carbon encrusted valves.

1 comment:

  1. I despise people who think you can buy a plumber or mechanic in a can but SeaFoam is pretty damn close


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