14 May 2019

Slippery Language

Read this TFB article.

Notice LAPD's language here, "[O]ne of the largest recoveries in LAPD history."


Not seizure.

Using terms like "recovery" when they mean seizure makes it seem like the owner doesn't have a legitimate claim to ownership at this early, innocent until proven guilty, stage.

Recovery is legitimate if the guns prove to be stolen.  But notice the warrant wasn't for possession of stolen firearms, it was for suspicion of possessing, making and selling "assault weapons" (we've got the misleading terms just piling up here).

I'm adding this to "buy-back" for deliberate lies by government officials.

Most people don't even notice these subtle alterations of meaning.


  1. The liberals think that all guns rightfully belong to their one god, the government. Firearms in other hands than those of the government must be "recovered" and sacrificed to their false idol.

  2. I tried to read that story early yesterday, the link I used didn't work and I forgot until much later.

    It's an odd story. Just about every gun I can get a good look at appears to be new. Some had stickers on them. The thing about converting to "assault weapons" just falls apart. Assault lever actions just ain't happening.

    If the guy was buying everything he could and selling to gangs, I'd think the story would be about that. Instead, like you say, "suspicion of" and bailed out in a few hours. I think the LAPD is just suspicious of anyone that would want that many guns and they're determined to find a crime. With today's laws, if they look hard enough they can find something on anyone.


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