30 May 2019

Doing It In House Seems Cheaper Now Doesn't It?

Salesforce tells retailers to stop using their software if they wish to continue to sell teh evol guns.

There's a parallel for these virtue signalling companies to consider.


Once upon a time any industry that needed a lot of heat, picked what they were going to burn and that's all they could burn to make the heat they needed.

Then the price of that material increased drastically while other burnables were  still affordable (or at least economically viable).

Now it's common to see systems which can be reconfigured to burn nearly anything.  Coal gets too expensive, change to oil.  Those are both too expensive, change to natural gas.

The multi-fuel system and the delivery infrastructure is more expensive than the single fuel system; but it's only more expensive once.  If you're up and running with cheaper fuel than the competition, then you're winning and it doesn't take too long to make up for the investment in flexibility.

Salesforce's little pissing match is going to make a lot of companies rethink their relationships with the companies which develop the software they're using.

They are going to start to demand ownership of the package rather than "clouding" it because Salesforce just made them ask, "can our vendor shut us down?"  The retailers are going to have their legal teams scour contracts for clauses which allow software vendors to shut them down.

Penalty clauses will be inserted.

New vendors will arise.

I also suspect that we're going to soon see software companies from outside the liberal bastions.

If you think that's going to be too expensive, remember that Detroit used to be where virtually all cars in the US were made.

When something happens that makes it impossible to do business with someone, they stop doing business with them.

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