26 May 2019

Rat Fucks

If you find your mortgage has been purchased by PHH Mortgage...

Burn your house down and collect the insurance.


  1. Yeah, love it when the company you contract your mortgage to sells it to some schmuck company.

    My house, which I sold out to avoid forclosure, started as a BankAmerica mortgage, sold to Chase (who sucked) and then sold to Wells Fargo (who frucking sucked.) BoA kinda lied, Chase quietly lied and WF lied in bold face circus-style typeface.

    Good luck. There may be some VA loans through FHA or something. Check it out, hopefully you'll be able to bail on Fart-Sound Mortgage for a better deal elsewhere.

    1. We started with Bank of Phoenix, then GMAC then Ocwen (a successor to GMAC's bankruptcy) now PHH.


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