26 May 2019

Ending In Smiles

Some assembly required, with Godless Metric tools!

Thankfully I have a metric Crescent® wrench!


Became this...

In relatively short order.  There was a bit of a frustration where the aft two holes for the frame join were needed and the rear brake drum assembly needed to be removed to move the bolts into those holes.  Then it was a fiddly, frustrating event to get that brake back on and functional.

But The Boy is VERY happy with his new wheels!

You can see how much smaller the old bike was and how much faster this new one will be!

He took it down the block and back with us being road-guides and it's definitely giving him more distance per pedal stroke.  He didn't want to stop riding, but it was too dark for laps of the neighborhood.

Again, THANKS! to Damocles and Alpha for their generous contributions to this happy event!


  1. Happy boy and Mr. Sloth. thank you....

  2. I am glad it brought him joy! Can't wait to see how he put's it to use next outing.

  3. Good job wrenching. The Boy looks very happy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Congrats on the assembly! Looks great and his smile is priceless!

  5. One of the advances in cycling in the last dozen years or so is that LED lights have had massive impact. They've made headlights smaller and lighter, and now Daytime Running Lights are a thing for added visibility (and most people believe visibility = safety). They're also a fraction of the cost bike headlights used to be.

    1. Nearly all his riding is on a track, but it's not a bad idea to get some for the other times.


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