18 October 2019

Blip Blip

Since the clutch is broken in and the fuel system appears to be sorted...

Pulled out onto the local 3-lane and punched it.

Shift to 2nd...
Going 70....

Drop it in neutral and end up braking all the way to the stoplight because of the traffic I'd caught up with.

The Boy whooping all the way.

If the lifter that was bleeding down was all that weak, we'd have seen something going wrong with this.


  1. I think that a 5 dollar investment in marvel mystery oil or rislone oil treatment would be inexpensive way to see if just some cleaning is needed. Obviously if Precious sits for a period of time and you have a lifter tick then maybe you have an issue. Seems odd you didn't have this problem before.Vette had a lot of downtime during it's surgery. Anyway I've had good luck with the rislone and use it as a preventive measure in my GM 5.3 truck to avoid stuck piston rings.(gets frequent mobil1 oil changes too. I'm glad your getting some enjoyment out of it for all your effort,Al

    1. The tick has not resurfaced in the whole day I've had her back.

      The tick didn't present itself prior to being down for the month I was doing the tank and clutch.

      Thinking back, I think it was there when I first fired it up after the pump/clutch replacement.

      Since I'm doing the oil this weekend, I'll toss a quart of Rislone in there.

      I also need to do the oil more often. Waiting for the change oil light to come on probably isn't the best practice.

    2. I should add that I had this kind of tick with an old 350 small-block Chevy I put into my '79 Camaro. It tended to sit, unloved, all week while I commuted in my Civic. On first fire-up, especially when it was Iowa cold, it'd tick like a mofo with those non-roller lifters.

  2. Mayhaps you need to find some local speedway to spend some over 100mph time and blow all the carp out of the engine and fuel system.

    My vehicles always ran better after long interstate trips. Same technique. Run long, run hard, good for engine, good for driver.

    1. 70 in 4th is a lot like 100 in 6th to the engine... And MUCH more legally sanctioned.


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