14 October 2019

Make It More Illegaler

Ammunition background checks.

The person creature who shot up Mary Douglas Stoneman high school passed the background check to buy the rifle; therefore he it would have passed a background check to purchase the ammunition for it.

The problem wasn't that there weren't enough background checks; the problem was not a single politician in Broward County was willing to do what needed to be done with the creature in question and get them convicted/committed and on the prohibited person lists.

Once again it wasn't the citizens who will be punished by such a law who're responsible for the killer getting a firearm and ammunition but a failure of Democrat elected officials.

How about we ban Democrats?

Judging by the "illustrious" rolls of Illegal Mayors Against Illegal Guns; we'd do better without D in politics.

1 comment:

  1. I think every Cali politician needs to be forced into a re-education camp where they relearn English so they can friggin understand what Shall No Be Infringed means.

    How much more simple can you get?

    Damn socialist a-holes!


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