22 October 2019

This Could Go Horribly Wrong

I am finally firing up the InstaPot Duo and seeing what I can come up with.

Some boneless pork country ribs and our classic soy sauce and garlic getting some heat and pressure.

Fingers crossed!

If this is a disaster, then there's always frozen pizza.

It's only been going for 15 minutes but it already smells great!


Frozen to fork tender in an hour.

Unmitigated success!


  1. One of my favorites is boneless beef ribs, cooked in whatever flavor BBQ sauce you like. In my Instapot, I can brown the meat first, too. Gives it a better flavor in the end.

  2. A good prepper always has a backup! Doesn't sound like you'll need it though. I got one of those cookers for my daughter and her husband a couple of years ago. I figured that since she was working full time in KC, and working on her MS degree, and he is stationed at Whiteman AFB, and got to come home most nights, that they'd busy, and could use a set it and forget it style thing that would be ready for them when they got home. On the other hand, they have a black lab, and I don't know if they keep him in the garage or the house. That might be a problem. I'll have to ask. I usually stay out of their business. I was young once too! On my son in law's first deployment to somewhere a third of the way around the world. (Is that why they call them "third world countries"? Must be coincidental} . . :) I digress . . . usually. Anyway, he left a whole pack of sugarless gum on the kitchen counter just before my daughter took him to the base. Daughter came home, and the dog ate it all. And the dog was in trauma. The sweetener in the gum was Sorbitol. It's lethal to dogs. It shuts the kidneys right down. Fortunately, my smart kid jumps on the internet, finds out the problem and gets the dog to the vet. The dog was at the vet for a week for dialysis therapy. But he recovered well. My SIL says he's never buying sugarless gum again. My daughter will probably make sure of that!



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