18 October 2019

Doing It Wrong?

Melling lifter set - $125.12
Ultra-Power engine gasket set - $102.79
8x Spark plugs - $17.20
Spark plug wires - $33.79
ARP head bolt kit - $131.46

Grand total $410.36.

This, of course, skips doing the heads and valves while I have them off the car.

I suspect that the $600 would be the same since Joe farms this work out.

Springs are $44.48
Valve stem seals are $50.88 They're included in the engine gasket set.

That brings the DIY to $1,105.72.  $1,054.84

Harvey will not be pleased to have to spend more, but I have a hard estimate in hand to show her what listening to me cuss saves.

I think, though, that the $410.36 plus s/h is what I'd do.

One can take prophylactic repair too far.


  1. The gasket kit doesn't come with valve seals?
    Try a NAPA head gasket kit. The ones I have bought in the past came with them.
    Everything to pull the top of the engine off and reseal it.

    1. Looking hard at the picture, it appears that the set DOES come with the valve seals.


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