11 October 2019

CVE-63 Has Been Located

USS St. Lo was located back in May.

She's something of a confirmation of the idea of it being bad luck to rename a ship.

She was laid down as USS Chapin Bay then USS Midway then USS St. Lo.

Then she was murdered by a kamikaze.

Speaking of bad luck names, Samuel B Roberts is only running at 1/3 success for avoiding catastrophic damage, but interestingly 2/3 for making it to decommissioning.

FFG-58 had terrible and excellent luck.


  1. I'm surprised that you didn't hold onto this post until 25 October 2019, the 75th anniversary of the Battle off Samar.

    1. That would have been better. It was a topic that came across the bottom of the screen at Fox News and for a change wasn't celebrity gossip so I looked up the ship.

  2. I hope they find the Sammy B and Johnston soon. A case could very well be made for the Battle off Samar as the Citizen Sailor's finest hour

    1. agreed, Taffy 3 comported themselves well and as the Johnson was sinking the Captain of the Japanese cruiser saluted his opponent for fighting well.


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