07 October 2019

Just Takes Buckets Of Money

Say you just dropped $1,500 on a new PC to play DCS.

Say you simply must play the F-14, because Maverick and Goose.  $80.  Your RIO has to plunk down for the machine and their own copy of the plane too.

Because immersion is all...  You need some HOTAS.

Virpil makes a stick that sure mimics the F-14 one.  Cleverly named the VFX.  €159.95 ($175.72) and that is JUST the part you grab with the buttons and switches.

You'll need a base, €169.95 ($186.71); and an extension to connect them, €49.95 ($54.88)

Then you're going to need a throttle.

Virpel VPC MongoosT-50CM2 for €269.95 ($296.57)
Thrustmaster Warthog for $299.99


There's an alternate plan where you buy the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS bundle, then replace the stick handle and add the extension.


Then pedals...

Virpel VPC ACE-1 €299.95 ($329.53)
Thrustmaster TPR $533.99!!!


$1,200 on top of a $1,500 game machine and I'm not even sure that the game machine has the VR goggles included.

Of course you can go cheaper.  Stick to the Warthog HOTAS for $446.97 and use the much cheaper Thrustmaster TFRP pedals for $89.99.  $536.96.


  1. What controls does the RIO need to obtain? I would assume that the backseater's controls differ in at least some particulars from those of the guy who's flying the plane....

    1. There are no flight controls in the back. The RIO runs the radar, nav systems, radar, and really much of the weapons.

      The reason the RIO has to pay for their own system and copy of the module is if you have two people to crew your Tomcat, you're playing multi-player.

    2. Oh! That's what he meant!

      The RIO player will need some kind of joystick so they can move the cursor around on their displays. Two if the LANTIRN pod is mounted.

  2. Friend of mine used to fly the Mighty War Hoover, the S-3 Viking. His gaming console consists of a de-milled ejection seat, foot petals, stick, throttles, 3 screens. And, yes, he dons his flight suit and helmet when he plays...

    So, well, you're not THAT over the edge... much.

    1. There's some impressive rigs out there. The web page is gone now, but someone got a real front section of an F-15 they made into their simulator. He managed to scrounge the seat and harness and then started using piddle packs because it was a bigger chore to get unstrapped and to the bathroom than to just pee in the pack while playing.

  3. Why don't you just go buy a real fukin airplane, and get it over with?

    1. Mostly because of the money... oh... wait.

      That and the general unavailability of 3rd plus gen fighters on the market.

    2. Mig-21s run about 12K fully flyable without guns. And they're designed to be used on grass fields.


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