21 October 2019

That'd Be Me

Reading about Old NFO's 50th graduation reunion and his mention that at least a few people had expressed a desire to never see anyone they graduated with again.

I'm someone who's said much the same thing.

I've reconnected with a few people here and there, because I like them as individuals.

I attempted to reconnect with a couple and discovered that the years had simply created too much of a divide.

The vast majority were nameless members of the mob of flesh.  I didn't know them then, and they didn't know me.

The common bond of matriculation isn't enough for me to want to see them.

There's few that treated me so awfully that I'd simply WANT to have the fight that's there from my simmering rage.

Nothing constructive would come of it.

The hilarious thing about this is I've been to one of the reunions.

I was under most if their radar in high school, and flew right under it at the reunion.

Nobody who bothered to ask who I was remembered me.


  1. Some of the people I graduated with, I'd been classmates with since nursery school. I wasn't close to most of them in HS, but that was mainly because of lack-of-money and lack-of-car. I'm always interested to hear how they're doing. And some of them I still do like a lot.

  2. Considering that I spent most of my JHS and HS times daydreaming about going all "Rambo" on my fellow students, while surviving their tender minstrations, yeah... no.

    I've run across a couple people from HS, but that's purely accidental. As I have moved far away from that particular level of Hell.

    Sad when, 20-30 years down the road, the greetings I have gotten were roughly, "You? Didn't I used to beat your arse?" and such...

    Maybe "Deathwish" instead of "Rambo."

  3. I went to my 25th quite a few years back. Most of the guys that were assholes back in HS were still pretty much assholes. The hot chicks who wouldn't give you a second glance hadn't changed their attitudes even though they had gotten chunky and saggy for the most part. The no neck jocks spent the night drinking and reliving their glory days like a gaggle of Al Bundys. A lot of them were still no necks, but only because their three chins obscured everything between neck and chin. My 50th will be here in two years. I think that I'll take a pass.........


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