09 October 2019

I'm Handing This To The Professionals

Convinced that because the cross-over o-rings were the source of the smell, I went to drop the driver's side tank today.

This is the first time I've tried it with the transmission in the car.

In the process of disconnecting the cross-over... the tank fell right out of the car.

Breaking the evap line that runs to the top of the tank.

This is a part of the tank, so you have to replace the tank if this breaks.

Luckily, I had a spare tank!

So I swap out the fuel pump from the old tank to the used tank.  This is the biggest pain in the ass EVER.

JT came over and helped me get it in the car.

His help cost him more than I am worth because his Caddy just up and quit.  We tow him to a dealer and I gave him a ride home.

I finish buttoning up The Precious and get her ass back on the ground.

I go to start her to get her nose out of the air and off the ramps...

Crank crank crank crank... nothin'.


I can't tell if the pump is running.

There doesn't appear to be pressure at the rails.

I jumper the relay and I think I can hear the pump running.  Still no pressure at the rails.

Something is amiss.

There's a speed shop in St Pete that specializes in Vettes.  They can tell me what's wrong.

Because in each of the four times I've had the tank out I've managed to break something else.

To date this has cost me more than just taking to St Pete in the first place would have cost me.

1 comment:

  1. It is good you know your limits. Sometimes you gotta let the autorepairgoons do it. Which sucks.

    Hope they're able to do a good one for you.


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