05 June 2020

...And Name Him George

Ain't andrewsarchus cute?

I love how we "know" so much about extinct animals from scant information.

All we have of the critter is a single skull sans lower jaw.

Pic taken from this article on the finding of the skull.

Detailed information about the history of the science on it.

1 comment:

  1. First thing some blue-coat would say when seeing one of them would most likely be something like, "That's the biggest and ugliest pig I ever saw." Or... "SHOOT IT, SHOOT IT, SHOOOOT IT!!!" Followed by, "Augggrrghhaahhhh," as he gets savaged by it.

    Of course Cookie will say, "Y'all killed it, y'all clean it."

    Seriously, though, quite a fantastical analysis based upon a skull. And supposedly a roughly hippo-elephantish family member. Weird.

    Now.. what happens when our intrepid troopers run across actual dire wolves, or more appropriately, what will happen when dire wolves run across our intrepid troopers. A potential repeat of "Ghost and the Darkness?"


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