30 June 2020

Simulated Filtration

The M50 has some neat features that don't come up very often, but I like to play around with.

For the old-timey guns I've always liked to put a sepia tone on things.

The M50's sepia is much less orange than the old SX20.

Color image:

Monochrome mode set to sepia without a filter:

Sepia with an "orange filter":
Normal black and white:

Black and white with a "red filter":

I'm having fun even if it's not interesting to read.


  1. Have you tried some of the filters in Gimp? It runs under windows and Linux. It might give you better results.

    1. I don't tend to do any post-production.

      I'm in the "well take better pictures" rather than "fix it with editing" camp.

      I want to take better pictures rather than have better images, if that makes sense.

      My silly attitude keeps me from playing with photo editing software.

      It also means that people who DO play with editing often have spectacularly better results than I get (perhaps even better than I CAN get).

      I'm OK with that.


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