01 April 2016

Peak Mosin

It think it's safe to call it.

With SOG selling unremarkable Tula Hex 91/30 plus accessories and bayonet for $289, we're past peak Mosin.  $299 for hand-picked.

They're only going to get more expensive from here on out.

Their normal 91/30 is still $189 sans bayonet.

I've been seeing $300 Mosin in gun shops around here.

1 comment:

  1. 12-13 years ago from Aztec Guns M44s were $49.95 and M91/30s and M38s were $59.95 and most Finn M39s were under two hundred bucks. Ex-snipers were under a hundred bucks. Didn't matter if they were Tula or Izhevsks. Once upon a time K98k Mausers were cheap too. Hillary gets elected guns prices will skyrocket no matter what type and manufacture they are.


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