04 April 2016

Beretta Pistole 38

Thirty eight?

I meant to say 1951!

It's a Beretta model 1951, aka M1951, aka M951, aka Brigadier.  This one is a late '50's police contract gun made for (and refurbished by) Israel.  It's led a hard life.

Damage notwithstanding, it's a shooter.  Single stack nine with 8+1 shots.  Just over 2.2 lb. loaded.

Take-Apart is simple.  Pull the slide back so the half-moon is lined up with the latch and rotate the latch up into it.  Then pull the slide off the front.

There seems to be a lack of original on this design in some ways.

The trigger sure looks Spanish to me...

Das Schloss spricht auf jeden Fall Deutsch.

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  1. Saw this the day you posted, but have been too busy to comment.

    This is cool as hell! I love beat-up old workhorses that function as intended. This gun screams "tool", and I dig that.


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