17 April 2016

Occasionally You're Not Being Paranoid

You think you know someone, then one day they forget that you can read what they've posted.

Then you learn what they really think about you.

Barely tolerated probably best describes how they felt about me based on how they were talking to their other friends about "people like him".

I'm not the "him" they're talking about, but the pure hate expressed for traits I share with this person is illustrative.  They hate people like him and me.

Well, don't trouble your pretty head over people like me, I'll just not bother staying in touch from now on.  To make it even simpler, we'll set the phone to dump your ass straight to voicemail and block Hangouts as well.

There.  Now you don't have to be troubled by this evil prick anymore.

Assuming you even notice that I've stopped talking to you.

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