29 April 2016

More Tiny Italian Guns

A. Soc. It. F. Ili. Galesi-Brescia Model 504 in 6.35mm aka .25 ACP.

It's your typical striker fired mousegun on the Browning pattern.  The striker also serves as the ejector, so be careful with the dry-cycling.

You can tell from the XXIV proof that it's a 1968 made gun, perhaps one of many made just before the gun control act's cut-off on importation off so-called non-sporting guns.

The 504 is the chrome version of the 503/A.

It seems well made, far better than RG or BryjeneoixCo.


  1. Never been a fan of the .25s. I always had bad luck with them... Sigh

    1. There are some truly crummy guns in this ever growing collection of 1/4 bores.

      Both Colts and both Brownings run like clocks. The Beretta 950 has been excellent too.

      The others? I recommend prayer if you're counting on them, because if God be with you, who could oppose you?

  2. I just did a double take. I have the model 503. It's also stamped XXIV (upside down compared to yours), and where yours has SFF, mine has PSF. Same plastic (false ivory?) grips, and the other markings appear the same.

    It was my father's gun that he bought while working a late night shift in downtown Miami, and left to me when he passed away in 1981. I don't know exactly when he bought it, but it would have been between 1968 and 1971 when he was injured on the job and stopped working there.


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