18 April 2016

Click Delete

A while back I tried a new sear to fix the "click test".  It wasn't really any better.  So I ordered a new safety from Midway (and these things sell out fast!).

A: From the top of the hammer notch to the top of the sear when fully cocked and engaged.
B: From the top of the hammer notch to the top of the sear after the trigger was pulled with the safety on.
The difference between these measurements is how far the sear moves.

C: From the top of the sear to the top of the hammer notch with the sear released.  This plus the first measurement gives the total travel required for the gun to fire.

Old Sear / Old Safety:    A: 0.014"; B: -0.006"; C: 0.031".  0.020" click movement, 0.045" to release (0.025").
New Sear / Old Safety:  A: 0.013"; B: -0.010"; C: 0.038".  0.023" click movement, 0.051" to release (0.028").
Old Sear / New Safety:  A: 0.014"; B: 0.014"; C: 0.031".  0.000" click movement, 0.045" to release (0.045").
New Sear / New Safety:  A: 0.013"; B: 0.009"; C: 0.046".  0.004" click movement, 0.059" to release (0.055").

The new safety with the new sear would be better than the gun came, but it's not as good as the old sear with the new safety.  You only find this kind of stuff out by measuring.

The only downside is the new safety is matte blue instead of parkerized.  I hear that naval jelly will gray it up some.

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