26 April 2016

Conflict Of Interest

This is the beginning of a thought...

It's not a full thought...

Public services are things that the citizenry want done that they can't do economically on their own as individuals so they grant permission to their government to do it collectively.

Thus the entire reason for the jobs in the public service is literally to serve the needs of the community.

Unions entire reason for existence is to further the wants and needs of their members (or cynically their leadership).

Public sector unionization has created a situation where the public service employees no longer care about the reason their jobs exist in the first place and create ever increasing financial pressure on the community's coffers while return ever decreasing service.

Remember the opening here, getting something done that they cannot economically do on their own.

It is getting to the point that the expense of going it on your own is more economical than having your government do it.

You might also notice that public services dominated by unions also often have laws, ordinances and regulations forbidding the individual from providing these services for themselves.

The sense of entitlement from these unionized public workers puts even the most brazen welfare parasite to shame as well.  The community OWES them for doing their job as agreed.  Not just owes them the agreed upon compensation, but the compensation they "were screwed out of" during the last contract negotiations.

Meanwhile the work they were hired to do doesn't get done as the number of employees climbs and the salaries and benefits increase.

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