09 April 2016

Overall Length

As I sit here waiting for my Form 1 approval...

I polish the cannonballs to a mirror sheen.

While the HEL E4A clone I've planned is designed for the M16A1, and thus the rifle I already have...

It will also fit just fine on Kaylee (a 14.5" SBR), adding a mere 2-7/8" to the overall length or 37" even (34-1/8" without the suppressor).

By way of comparison, The Lovely Harvey's tactical gun, Kevina, is 36" overall and has a 16" barrel.

Isn't it strange that 1-1/2" of barrel length is a 1-7/8" difference in length?  Kaylee and Kevina wear different flash-hiders, the Troy Medieval on Kevina is much longer than the Wilson Accu-Tac on Kaylee.

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