18 April 2016

'Splain It To Me

If the science is so damn settled, why do they feel they have to resort to concentration reeducation camps prison time to make sure there's no dissent.

We don't jail the flat-earthers.
We don't jail the anti-vaxxers.

We don't even jail the Christian Scientists.

Their willingness to make dissent illegal says more about the validity of their supposed science than any reasoned piece of research I could ever find.

George Bushitler didn't even round up dissenters about 9/11.

Once again we see who the real facists are.

I am fascinated to a degree because there were a lot of us who said that it would come to this all the way back when Bill Clinton was president.  The more vocal of us were off by several years, but I called it at about a generation or two, to let their dominance of the schools and universities do its work.

History doesn't repeat, it rhymes.


  1. Yep, they REALLY do want to put us in re-education camps... sigh

  2. And might I note this is coming from the mouth of a Boeing Engineer/ Comedian. I know nothing about his Boeing career (tho I have some suspicions), but I loved his entertainment career....but at no point does this make you a climatologist.

    Note the Climatologists who stand up against this bullshit get ZERO respect.

    Also Ironic that he's a rabid Athiest....but is acting very much in line with the Inquisition/Witch Trials.

    My current field is VERY controversial one, where my lab is doing a LOT of research that goes against conventional thought.

    We don't demand other labs be jailed or defended for disagreeing with us, we show them data, we talk to them, and we help them repeat our experiments.

    Nye can't do that because their INITIAL data is crap, so the idea that the results could be duplicated at all is impossible.


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