30 April 2016

Moar Mold

Using Lavender Linda Lovelace's lower, we attacked the "why is the take-down so fucking tight?"

We sanded the top of the lower to make it all even, it didn't leave the mold flat.

Then we removed a lot more material in the radius from the top of the lower to the front of the receiver extension boss (see pointer).

Now the take down pin can be pushed in with finger pressure and pushed out if you have a tool to push on the recessed end, but you no longer need to tap it out with a hammer.


  1. Nice catch. Do you think this will prevent the problem from the previous post?

    1. Fingers crossed!

      Marv's going to pour a replacement for Blueberry real soon now and we're going to pay special attention to making sure the upper and lower fit together.

  2. Thanks! I'll be interested to see how it turns out.


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