25 April 2016

Want Don't Want

Nostalgia is an odd thing.

The Beretta M9 does not fit my hand well, as such I don't really want one.

"So don't buy one!" you're screaming at the screen no doubt.

Yet, I was issued one.

I have a clone of my M1911A1.  I have a clone of my M16A2.  I even have a clone of the M16A1 I was very briefly issued in OSUT.

I do not have an M9, so I want one to complete the Issued to Thag set.

Mutter mutter.  Mumble mumble.

It's not a high priority though.


  1. At least they can be had for cheap....and because they suck ass so many n00bs get all hyped up for John McClain and M9!!! Then realize they're a porky gun with a miserable safety, and they sell it for a down payment on the Glock they should have bought in the first place.

    So do what I do with some of those goofy guns you don't like but really kinda want (I have a Radom P64, a Beretta 21A, so while it's a turd, I REALLY want a SW99 for an almost but not-quite James Bond gun!) is just keep an eye on the used racks for a good deal.

  2. If you are willing to go for a Taurus PT-92 instead you can get it for even less.

    1. At present I am trying to decide if a Model 92FS is close enough to M9 to suffice. If so, then I will entertain the idea of substituting a Taurus.

      M9 runs about $100 more than 92FS on Gunbroker. Taurus runs about $200 less than 92FS around here.

  3. Way back in the 80's when I was a buck sergeant I got a Taurus 92AF so I could practice with it on my own. My mentor (E-7 type) gave me crap about buying the Taurus over the Beretta. He has lost 2 Beretta's over the years: one due to locking block failure and the other to a cracked slide rail (neither were economically feasible to repair). I have had the locking block fail on my Taurus at 38K rounds a couple of years back and since it has a lifetime warranty it is now in my range bag still getting shot every week. I see my mentor every year for a deep sea fishing trip and refresher range training. He now has a Taurus 99.


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