08 April 2016

The Army Is A Bad Teacher

There's a whole slew of things that gets taught about the AR15 that's simply using the weapon in ways unintended by the designers!

I learned a lot of these bad habits in Basic, and I see these lessons repeated.

Some of it is making lemonade out of the lemons you've been given, but there's no excuse to not seek better teachers and knowledge once it's YOUR gun and YOUR hard earned money going to feed and care for it.

There's a few too many products that are geared at making better lemonade rather than avoiding the getting the lemons in the first place.

They often cost a lot and while they do almost always seem to cure the precise and narrowly defined problem they're aimed at, more often than not, they cause other problems down the road.


  1. It's not just the AR. The method the Army uses to teach the M-9 is bad as well. The Air Force uses the same messed up Army method. When I was assigned to a JCU I got a Marine Gunny as a supervisor. One of the many things he "re-trained" me on was firing the rifle and pistol, the Marine way. I had always shot expert but after the re-train my groups of 6-8" at 100 yards dropped to a 3" group with the rifle. I also got much better with the M-9.

    1. The Army trains the M9 just like they did the M1911, literally. Never mind there's more beans in the mag...


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