16 April 2016

Don't Wanna Give Them Ideas But...

Marv sends me the following:

"A while ago a gunship refused to sell a handgun to a guy because he seemed upset and agitated.  The shop counter guy was hailed as a hero when it was discovered the guy was a mental case and would have likely shot up he's former workplace."

"What happens with the [pro] gay law where you are not allowed to refuse service to anyone for any reason?"

My snarky reply was, "The client appeared agitated, I had no idea what they would do with that cake. They might have gone out and hurt someone."

But it's a serious question Marv has asked.

A gun shop follows the law and declines to sell to a member of a protected class, are they now liable for a discrimination suit for obeying the law?

I only ask because we needed special protections from this sort of BS before and that's why we have the PLCAA now.

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