24 April 2016

The March Of Technology

When I first put together my Mac Pro I used Dell 2408WFP monitors.

24" diagonal, 1960x1200 with built in card readers and USB hub.

$600 each.

Eight years is apparently their lifespan.  They'd been warning me with vertical lines of solid color until they'd warmed up for about a year.

The first thing I learned is 1960x1200 is rare very expensive if you insist on it.  1960x1080 is far more available.

The second thing I learned is monitors have plummeted in price since my last search.  I'd intended to replace the one monitor that'd died completely but the local Best Buy was having a spot sale on Acer S271HL 27" monitors.  $100 instead of the "normal sale price" of $150 (Regular price $250).

So I bought two.  (Sorry about that FuzzyGeff, but I couldn't beat their price online).

There's now no money in my poor VA stipend account... =(

A cheap USB hub replaces the hub functionality from the old monitors and the printer has always had a card reader, so no net loss there.

I am surprised to see while playing Strike Fighters 2 that I can see better.  The size change from 24 to 27 inches is apparently just enough to make some of the instruments more legible.

Other things that fascinate me about modern monitors is I remember having to install software to make things like monitors and keyboards function at more than the most basic of levels.  Now they just handshake when plugged in and start running.

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