20 April 2016

Husqvarna m/40

Most guns start with a block of steel and you remove everything that doesn't lend itself to a general impression of pistolity.

The Lahti pistol just takes that block and removes everything that keeps the gun from functioning, regardless of if it still looks like an anvil when you're done.

The Husqvarna m/40 is based on the Finnish L-35 designed by Almo Lahti and it served Sweden well into the 1980's before being replaced by the Glock 17 and 19 (Pistol 88 and Pistol 88B).

It only looks a bit like a Luger, it doesn't work the same way at all.

It's a short-recoil gun with a bolt.

It comes apart easily.  Drop the magazine, rack the bolt, rotate the latch on the front, slide the slide off the front.

The bolt is locked by a block that slides up and down on tracks in the frame.

Tracks that you cannot see behind the recoil spring and hammer.

Bolt open
The block is U shaped and engages a slot in the top of the bolt and grooves in the side of the slide to lock.

The block is directional, the arrow points towards the muzzle.

Unusual for a pistol, the Lahti design has a bolt accelerator (but no brake or clutch).

This little lever hits a bar in the frame and...
...swings against the front of the bolt, accelerating it to the rear.
This pistol was designed to be frozen solid with lubricants taking on the consistency of putty.

The holster fully encapsulates the thing, protecting it from all environmental hazards, such as mud, snow, rain and being drawn.

The complete, issued, rig comes with two spare magazines, cleaning rod, a loading tool / screwdriver and a leather thong lanyard.

Thanks to Willard for the loan of your gun to take pics of!


  1. "...protecting it from all environmental hazards, such as mud, snow, rain and being drawn."

    Oh, golf clap! :)

  2. Nice one, and you win the Intarwebz with that one! :-)


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