26 April 2016

Fuck 'Em If They Can't Take A Joke

Over on Arfcom...

A "local" (meaning in Florida) AR maker posted:

Tampa Gun Show.  Come See Us!

If your local to Tampa come out to the gun show, were cuttin deals!!
We love meeting our AR15.com brothers! 

The post date-stamp is 1021 24Apr16, but it didn't actually appear until the morning of the 25th my bad for not seeing the date stamp.  There was a gun show in Tampa on the 23-24.

I asked:

Does that translate to...

Originally Posted By [his account name]:
If you are local to Tampa; come out to the gun show: we are cutting deals!!

We love meeting our AR15.com brothers!

If so, which gun show? Because the fairground show was the day before your (not you're or yore) post. 

In the world of grammar nazi, my little chiding was very minor.

I got three responses to that.

First from him in the thread:

Funny, I posted that from inside the show. Pretty sure I had the day and date correct. Glad I didn't meet you though because you seem like you're a real dick

Then a moderator locked the thread.  Calling me a dick is a personal attack and forbidden by the code of conduct.

Then he emailed me:

Please Reply To: [his email] ([his account name])

Hey what was up with that post you made in my Tampa gun show thread? You felt the need to correct my punctuation and do it like an asshole? Whats your problem? Issue with my company? Just an issue with everyone in general? Are you one of those type of people?

Also I had the date exactly right, I posted it while standing at my booth. 
Sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut rather than making yourself look like a complete asshole (which you obviously are) so it makes sense to me  actually...nevermind
OK, I'm an asshole.  Fine.

The company he is representing here reviews well, but this interaction makes me believe that they bury bad reviews.  No proof, but it matches the personality.

Besides, if you can't handle (or bother) finding the apostrophe on your phone to make a post, should you be using contractions in your speech?  Plus what does that attention to detail say about your ability to actually make a quality product?

Plus his response to my reply is extremely unprofessional.

Me?  I'm a blogger, I am not a professional at all.


I did find a couple of negative reviews.  It seems that their go-to response is to accuse the customer of lying about the deficiency rather than making it good when something is wrong.  Bad sign that. 

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