29 April 2016

Long Term

On of the downfalls to living in a college town is your friends all end up being 18-24 as you get ever older.  They leave when they graduate and are replaced by those fresh out of high school.

Occasionally you will reconnect with one and find you don't recognize them anymore as they've changed over the years.

An even smaller group is the ones you didn't lose track of and stayed something of friends with.  They change too, but it seems more slowly as you adapt to each other because there's communication.  However there's often a moment where you suddenly stop recognizing your friend and start seeing their spouse.

It's a moment of punctuated equilibrium where you suddenly notice the difference made in your friend's likes and dislikes that are the product of close association with their significant other.

What's also astonishing is that they never seem to notice (or admit to noticing) how much change has occurred.

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