26 April 2016

Survival Susan Or Orange Julia

Which is the better name for Willard's survival carbine?

AR15 Mold Freedom 15 lowerDelton M4gry kitCavalry Manufacturing furniture setTacticool22 bayonet adapterEcho sling.

Cav forgot to send a pistol grip with the set.  Ooops.

All told there's now four different hues of orange on the gun now.  With more coming since paint is planned!

The Echo sling, by the way, is blinding in daylight.

A problem we encountered using rifle stocks with the Freedom 15 lower was they can't be screwed far enough in to catch the buffer retainer.

Marv and I brainstormed a solution and cut apart an old carbine receiver extension into thin rings that make up the gap from the front of the rifle extension to the buffer retainer (and I forgot to take a picture of it installed).

It's got the extension butted up against its back so it's kind of like a jamb nut.


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