09 April 2016

Handgun Cartridge Carbine

A 1965 made Ruger .44 Carbine.

Link to Ruger's instructions.

You get 4+1 shots of .44 Magnum for all your deer murdering needs.  Ballistics by the inch says that a Federal 240gr Hydrashock round should be ripping through the air at about 1,643 fps.  That's just shy of .45-70 carbine territory!

It's 6 lb. 5 oz. with 4 rounds loaded.

More better pictures when we have more time and can do some take-apart.


  1. I have one of those! Well, mine is dated to 1977. Great fun...

  2. You can run Hornady Leverevolution rounds in that puppy. I've got a Marlin and it's one hog dropping machine.

    1. Mr Fleetwood is probably a little too cheap to buy that ammo.


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