18 April 2016

Maybe It's Just Me

Reading this.

The only threat she'd have had to have used to keep me in line when I was 16 was that she'd stop having sex with me.

The moving around a lot, in addition to being "the other" and fair game for the bullies, meant you were also not considered eligible for female companionship.

Raging hormones being what they are, my 16 year old ass would have happily and willingly jumped into some 38 year old's bed so fast there'd be a vapor trail behind me.

I know this because at Sturgis 1985 said vapor trail was formed when a very nice, but definitely in her 30's, woman invited me into her tent.

You will never convince me I was raped.

And for fuck's sake, my FATHER had me at Sturgis three years running when I was 14-16.  I'd seen the golden calf, ankle, thigh and upper half already and yearned to embrace them.


  1. It should be a malum prohibitum misdemeanor or perhaps not even a crime, since Nature has already dictated that puberty is the dividing point between childhood and sexual maturity. There should probably be ethical codes for relations between teachers and students in the same school and particularly the same class, but other than that, it's only custom that keeps us declaring such relationships criminal. We wink at it when it's a young man with an older woman, and get squicked out when it's a young woman with an older man. It's all just culture and custom, though.

    1. That girls come of age before boys freaks people out too.

    2. Part of the problem is that we cannot admit that maybe rules should be different for boys than for girls. Boys cannot get pregnant.

      What always bugged me about the "if some grown woman has sex with a teenage boy, he was RAPED!" thing was that it denies agency and free will. That was one of the things I detested most about being a teenager. I could get thrown into adult-level court if I was accused of a serious enough crime (er, didn't we set up the juvenile court system to stop that? Wasn't it leading to abuses?) but I couldn't legally sign a contract and couldn't legally have s-x.

  2. Anyone else notice that the police spokesman is named Fortunato?

    He should be wary if anyone asks him to authenticate a Cask of Amontillado...


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