11 April 2016

Dick Size

I've been reading "Curse of the High IQ."

Well, that certainly explains a lot.

Among my friends I tend to be the "stupid" one.  My IQ is a mere 139.

Tasty chess club brained Marv is 152 (almost literally nobody is smarter than Marv).

I don't remember what Geff's is, but smarter than me anyways.

Reading this book had me do something I'd never done before.  See how many people are below me and above me on the curve.  0.47% of people are smarter, 99.53% aren't.

I've mentioned before that my brain doesn't appear to work like everyone else.

Reading this book, I can see that the way I think is a coping mechanism.  It's no good for making me happy or successful.  It's a survival mode.  I can tread water.  Having a boat would make me happy and having boat with a motor would make me successful.

This book also brings understanding to another friend's situation.  He never seems to get anywhere with his life and also seems to be the author of his own failures.  Smarter than me, to be sure, but I can see WHY this is true now.

Some of my relative success by comparison might be exactly because I'm the stupid one, and thus closer to the mass of savages our societies are built around.

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  1. tested twice at various ages as 136! I'm dumber than you are!!!

    FYI as for brains working a certain way, "Weird Beard" was a name GIVEN to me (and probably thought about back when I couldn't grow a beard, but lacked a catchy rhyme) and I just selected a unique spelling.


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