14 April 2016

Counter Productive

Talking with Harvey about the present presidential line-up.

What amazes me is how every single candidate has correctly identified a problem, and has a proposal that will not solve it.

Different problems for each candidate, of course.

A specific example is Bernie Sanders talking about how our children are leaving high school without much actual knowledge.  His solution seems to be the typical socialist "more but harder" that isn't going to actually impart any learning on the students.

Why?  Because the schools are already religiously following the mandated programs from Washington (if they don't they lose funding).

He cites "No Child Gets Ahead Left Behind" as where it all went wrong; but forgets that "No Child Gets Ahead Left Behind" was an attempt to address the exact same problem he just correctly identified.

Both sides in this debate flat refuse to look at things as they are, and consider returning to the last known working state.

That might be as recently as the Carter administration's creation of the Department of Education, but may date back to FDR and the 1939 Federal Security Agency's Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

Education with the top level of government control being the County actually worked.

Jerry Pournelle has put forth that another gigantic problem we have is the elimination of a vocational track from our schools.  Everything is college-prepatory and that's just not suitable for a large hunk of students whom are never going to attend a college for a four-year degree.  Related to this is Mike Rowe's lectures.  Why do we have a shortage of welders?

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