16 April 2016

Go Ahead And Sell

If the 28 pages of 9/11 documents does show that Saudi Arabia funded the assholes who perpetrated the attack, that's casus belli.

If they paid for it, then fuck 'em.  Go ahead and sell those assets, Al Saud.

I want war.

I want invasion.

I want punitive occupation.

I want Disneyland Mecca with a pulled pork Texas BBQ stand on top of the Black Mosque.

I want to make the place a territory then a state and NEVER give it back.

I want Tyson to be the largest employer in the 51st state!

Combine this with sealing our borders against people from terror supporting nations and hardly a single person can do The Hajj.

We're already at war with Islam, so doing this doesn't change that score except we'd finally be fighting back.

Much of the world would condemn our actions, but it's time to go to the UN and say, "You know what, fuck you all.  We tried being nice about this shit and look what it gets us."

PS: In about a hundred years we can all enjoy a nice strong drink at a Bedouin casino on one of the numerous tribal reservations.

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