09 April 2016


There's something really depressing about walking out of the party and nobody noticing for more than an hour.

More than an hour and counting.

Like you're not missed at all.

Someone remind me why I'm not eating that bullet again.


  1. Because if you are first on your list, you REALLY need to re arrange the list.

  2. Replies
    1. Eating the bullet will hurt more innocents than you have any idea of. For longer than you have any idea of. Please, don't ever think of such things, no matter how awful one day seems, tomorrow is another day to make of it what you will.

    2. Because lots of people enjoy reading your blog, and I'd bet lots more enjoy your company. Look at it another way: the party was a huge success where everyone was completely preoccupied with having fun. If they didn't notice you leaving, was it perhaps because you forgot to say goodbye? It's normal, and it's ok.

  3. Being the Gray Man is a good thing. Being popular means you will be sought out even when you want too be alone

  4. Some people have that ability. I've done the same thing, at my own birthday party back in the days when they were still a big deal. With the crush of stimulus that is a party, it's fairly easy to slip out unnoticed.

    Clearly your passive stealth and shadowing skills are just too high.

  5. Okay, okay, but would you mind finishing my survival carbine first?


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