20 April 2016

Is This Your Goat?

Because I have gotten your goat, Mr Marine.

Teh horrors!  Troops laugh when equipment is negligently and/or wantonly destroyed.

Thanks to XBradTC for the vid!

I posited in the comments that it wasn't funny to other commenters because they weren't combat arms or had gotten too high in enlisted rank.  Officers all seem to think this is hilarious.

Where I was wrong was the break-off point for that rank.  Typically it's about E-6 for the Army.  Apparently the USMC surgically removes your sense of humor far earlier.

Well, now my sense of humor is stoked by the humorlessness of Mr Marine.  (Assuming that 0321 is some kind of Marine code for combat arms, it could be Lawn Maintenance for all I know of The Corpse Core Corps.).

Actually, even if it's infantry, how would you tell it APART from lawn maintenance?  Soldiers (and Marines) sure spend a lot of time cutting the grass.

-Angus McThag 19K20

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