06 April 2016

LaRue Tactical MBT-2S First Impression

After four months of backorder, my MBT-2S trigger arrived from LaRue.

It comes as shown and includes two trigger return springs.

It installs just like a normal trigger, except you don't have to keep the disconnector lined up.

The two trigger springs are different weights, and I think I prefer the heavier one.

Being a two-stage trigger there is, of course, take-up.  That's got no weight at all, then you hit the second stage briefly then it snaps.  No noticeable overtravel.  It just goes.

Update: Using Marv's RCBS trigger pull scale I got 2.5 lb. for the take-up and 4.5 lb. for the break.  Just exactly as Mark LaRue said it would on Arfcom.

For $125 and a long wait or $199 and a shorter one; it's a very decent deal.  It's supposed to be comparable to a $240 Geissele SSA-E, if so it's an excellent deal!

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