19 April 2016

Single Stack 9mm

S&W 39-2, Beretta M1951, Star B.

The wondernine take-over kind of eliminated this as a breed, but they're still kind of neat.

There's certainly a niche out there for a slightly narrower gun, isn't there?


  1. Duty sized? Sure. Does it have fewer pellets than it's double stacked brethren? Yes, it does. Flinging a modern bonded hollow point it should do the job on one or two Bad Dudes well enough.

    Caleb Giddings (of whom I believe you don't like, if I remember correctly) has been doing some testing of 9mm P 1911 style pistols recently. Some have fared pretty well.

    Now when you look at smaller sized single stack 9mm P pistols, they can make more sense from a concealed carry perspective. I was checking the heft on a Walther CCP last Sunday. Reasonably priced, very thin compared to a double stack, seemed pretty nice. With the addition of the InRange TV videos on it, it seems like a nice replacement for my S&W 442. And I believe 8+1 of 9mm P is four more goodness than the 442 with 5 .38 Spl. Other pistols in that niche are available, as well.

    And the ones pictured should be serviceable for several more decades, if decent care is taken.

    1. It's not that I dislike him, it's just he's extremely closed minded about learning that there was some very tough history before he came onto the scene. A refusal to admit that our side calling certain guns "assault rifles" got us the legal term "assault weapon" and the anti-gun side used our own periodical titles to vilify those guns.

      He and Shelley Rae came along and said that it didn't matter THEY called them assault rifles so THEY were right and no harm could come from it. Ignoring the old cranks telling them that using those terms as they were using them led to the very situation we'd just recovered from.

      The assault weapons ban was never repealed. It was allowed to expire. Without that sunset clause it would STILL be the law of the land, and it's important to note how razor thing the margin our rights still teeter on.

      Caleb didn't live those dark days so they couldn't have ever been so bad, we must be picking on him because we don't like him, or something.


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