09 April 2016

Note To Self

Before working on a car, remove your wedding ring.

It always distorts it into an oblong instead of round and that pinches your ring finger.

Good thing I have a mandrel.


  1. Don't think that a titanium ring that does not deform would be a good replacement either.
    If your finger get twisted, bent or anything else that causes it to swell, most ring cutters that EMT's carry will not be able to cut the ring off your finger.
    So you get to suffer until they find a cutter that might work and your nickname has a good chance to be changed to Stubby.
    I got lucky, I was able to reach under the skin with a set of dykes to cut my deformed ring off my finger. No stitches but it still hurt for a few days.

  2. Dikes not dykes, I know better.

    1. At least you didn't clamp them in a vice.


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