18 April 2016

Wimmins In Combat Arms

I think we need a return to an old idea if we're adding women to the combat side of things.

No living off post, no getting married until at least E-5.  No accepting married recruits for enlistment unless there's a special skill they're bringing to the table to compensate for the fucking bother.

And it is a bother.

Next, getting knocked up is no longer an honorable-medical discharge.  Classify it for what it is, a self inflicted medical disability and treat it accordingly.  The girls have been using getting pregnant as a means of escape when they want out since when I was in, we can't afford this BS with combat formations.

What about your right to have a family?  You waived that with your freedom of speech and a couple of others when you signed up.  Read that contract again Kid.  But so having a family isn't a complete career wrecker, once you're E-5 we can talk about your getting hitched and getting some time off to breed.

Most importantly, if you're equal YOU ARE EQUAL.  No more gender norming the tests on anything.  Starting with the ASVAB, but most importantly including PT.

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  1. I would require all women in the military to be on Norplant---no exceptions, this means YOU! As for strength tests, all women need is more preparation. I've known women who grew up on farms who could buck hay bales with the best of them. They could probably sail right through the strength tests for combat arms.


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