15 January 2014

A Hard Job Made Harder

The Boy, in addition to his other problems has been diagnosed as being a diabetic.

He doesn't have the capacity to understand why he's going on a super strict diet and isn't going to understand why favorite foods are no longer allowed.

Essentially gone is the treat of eating out or getting fast food.

We now get to add the pain of getting blood to check glucose levels to his tortured soul.

We get to add yet another med to his list to help level off those sugar levels too.

I guess the good news is his temper could be related to fluctuating blood-sugar levels, that's common I hear.

Eating better will certainly not hurt any of us because can definitely stand to lose some weight all around.

Also, we're getting all kinds of moral support.

The Lovely Harvey's boss when Harvey said, "Can't The Boy catch break?" replied with, "He did, he has you and Thag for parents."  That felt good to hear.

1 comment:

  1. And here I am, badly overweight and not a sign of diabetes or high blood cholesterol. Life just isn't fair.

    My sympathies to all of you.


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