20 January 2014


We all have them.

We all show them.

And I am sick of them as regards to guns.

Plastic is great!  Bullpups are best!  Grip safeties are abomination.

Conceal carry is BEST!  Open carriers are deviants of the worst sort!

Not to mention the perennial debates like AK v AR and Glock v Something Actually Good.

The best biases are the ones expressed while "refuting" a "this is what works for me" write up on a product or idea.

I am a technophile.  I love the bleeding edge.

Luckily I am not a rich technophile, because I'd have a pile of useless garbage from ideas that either didn't pan out or weren't ready for prime time.

I am also a retrophile!  I dig the old styles, materials and processes.

It's extremely interesting and cool to have an "ah-ha!" moment and realize why something was done the way it was and how.

This is why I don't mind grip safeties.

This is why I like the idea of a bullpup rifle, but have to concede that nobody has made one right.  FN is close with the FS2000.

I'm a fan of plastics where plastics are appropriate, but there's a time and place for aluminum and steel.  Using any material just for the sake of it is foolish.

I'm only going to dip my toe in the open v concealed carry debate.  I think they come out identical once all ups and downs are added up as far as tactics go (as the endless debate kind of shows) and it really boils down to personal preferences as to which is best.  The best carry method is not universal!

My Miami Classic II has been lambasted in some articles for all of the things wrong with a horizontal shoulder holster.  I prefer it in the cooler months because I can comfortably carry a full sized gun!  Strong side IWB doesn't work in a 6th Gen Corvette and I have a wound on that hip that makes it painful.  I would open carry in a heart-beat in the entirely too hot summer months here in FL.

So try to understand that what doesn't work for you might be perfect for someone else and vice versa.

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