03 January 2014


GURPS: Traveller: Interstellar Wars has pulled a bit of a retcon on me.

The aforementioned Type-A/Hero/Siigiizuni is mentioned in canon LBB Traveller.  Same J-1, M-1 as the later Type-A/Beowulf.

In Interstellar Wars it's got 1.5g acceleration and J-2.

I approve this change since J-1 is a severe limitation across most of the Traveller map.  This is especially important in the IW setting since the GURPS TL9-10 jump drives use mass-precipitation to come out of jump making deep space jumps impossible.  TL11 drives can exit jump without a mass.

The higher thrusts were something that needed done since the standard M-1 drives couldn't lift from most main worlds without some sort of contragravity.  Contragravity of some kind was obviously assumed in LBB, as was the maneuver drive moving a volume not a mass.

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