05 January 2014

Nuclear Bomb Material

Got my tritium illuminator for my Trilux, thus restoring the TRILUX part of the optic.

Not much to it really.
An o-ring to seal the recess and a snap-ring to retain it.
Tritium vial held by hobby paste.
Look, it's radioactive!  2x8mm tritium vial with a potential 25 year lifespan, prolly more like 15 though.
The bar is parallel with the vial, you turn the unit to dim the sight post.
This is full dim.
It doesn't give off much light, but it's visible all the way down to complete darkness, where you can't see the damn target anyways.
Dottie is kind of tubby compared to Kaylee:  7.4 lb. for the rifle, 1.3  lb. for the magazine, 1 lb. for the L2A2, 0.8 for the Harris 1A2 bipod, 0.2 for the X300 and 0.4 for the MS3 sling.  Grand total of 11.1 lb.

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