14 January 2014


Some 6.8x43mm magazines.

Left to right:  30-round Barret, 25-round C-Products, 17-round (cough 15) AR-Stoner, 5-round C-Products.

The 25 rounder is the same form factor as a USGI 30-round 5.56 magazine and the "17" rounder is the same form as an old USGI 20 rounder.

5 round magazine (loaded): 0.5 lb. (0.1 per round)

15 round magazine (loaded): 0.8 lb. (0.053 per round)

25 round magazine (loaded): 1.3 lb. (0.052 per round)

30 round magazine (loaded): 1.7 lb. (0.056 per round)

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